C Ballet 1 w/ Erica (Mill Valley)

May 2nd entry

There is new Costume Information listed below. Please scroll down to review your child’s costume requirements.

Your child is performing in Program 2 on June 5th at Roco Fairfax.

New: Please come to the Fairfax studio from

12:30 – 1:30pm on Sunday June 5th

so that the dancers can practice in the performance space.

Drop off time : 4:15 pm (Only performers are allowed inside theatre at this time)

Doors open at: 5:00 pm

Show starts at : 5:15 pm

Tickets will be $5.00/each and we do limit 2 adult guests per performer. Lap passes are complimentary. Please reserve by emailing fairfax@rocodance.com and write “Program 2″ in the subject line. We will also be serving juice and cookies after the show on the back patio.

Costume Requirements

The costumes have been ordered. Please make a check out to “Roco” for the amount of $30.00 and give it to Erica. Thank you.